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Wednesday, February 05, 2003
      ( 3:57 PM ) Laura  
At last! We have our winners for the Grasslands Review Editors' Choice Contest 2002.

John E. White of Altadena, California won the Fiction Contest for "Billy's Grade"
Don Shockey of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma won the Poetry Contest for "Slipstream of a Night"
One honorable mention: Joan E. McCarthy of Natick, MA for "lean summer"

These works plus others will soon be coming out in issue #25. All contest entrants have a subscription to Grasslands (as part of their entry fee) so they can expect to get to see these winning entries soon. I've been thinking about the best way to run a contest. Number one, for us, is to be fair and honest.

The prize may not be $1,000--in fact, it isn't, it's $100--but the contest is completely on the up-and-up. None of the winners, in the four years we've run this contest, has been known to us. They've been interesting people and we've enjoyed "meeting" them, but nothing about our contest was "fixed" or a set up to reward people we already knew. We also give entrants something for their $12 or $15 (last year) entry fee--a subscription. Next year we may set it up so that subscribers ($10 a year) may enter for $3 a poem and $5 a short story. Others will pay more to enter. By the way--feedback is welcome at I might even put your letters on this blog (in fact, I'm pretty sure I will because I'd love to find out if anyone besides me reads this).


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