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Saturday, January 25, 2003
      ( 2:48 PM ) Laura  
I'm still mulling over the entries, but a decision should be coming soon. It's just that there were several entries that were close--no one was that much above the others. One contestant wrote and didn't enclose a SASE) feeling impatient (and I can understand that) so I sent those poems back so they can find a home elsewhere since if I'd responded then there wouldn't have been an envelope for future correspondence.

I wonder, sometimes, about writers--don't they know that if they are good then there's plenty more where that came from? I think it's important to finish a poem, send it out and move on. I hardly ever keep track of where I send things--it's not as if they are going to be stolen or be big money-makers (at least, not mine). I wish every poet who submits poetry to be published would edit a little magazine for a couple of years. It's a valuable perspective. Anyone who reads The Small Press Review knows this since the wonderful Laurel Speer has said so so many times. I think she's retired from her column--I'll miss her.


Grasslands Review is a little magazine. We publish original fiction and poetry and try very hard to put out two issues a year. This blog will contain random thoughts of the editor about the magazine, publishing, and poetry, etc. Whatever.

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