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Friday, January 17, 2003
      ( 4:34 PM ) Laura  
I just noticed that there's some information about our first contest on the post below. I think we'll run the 4th one this year, but we have to make enough money to cover publishing the prize issue plus pay our winners. I wish we could offer bigger $$$ because some of our entries are very good and because our judges (the editors) are very demanding. We (so far) have not known our winners beforehand--in fact, still don't know them--but they've been very gracious about a number of things and very easy to work with. I don't know what the answer is with little magazines--everyone wants to be read (it seems), but no one wants to read. So what's that about?

Thursday, January 16, 2003
      ( 11:19 AM ) Laura  
Here's what our Web page says--just to get you up to speed: [This is my first blog, be gentle]
Grasslands Review
Literary Magazine

Here's a sample of past issues:
Contents of Issue #19 (1998-99)
Trilonelle: Picasso and His Model by Ed Orr
Clotheslines by Virgil Suarez
Carnival by James Doyle
Butte by Phillip Ramp
Directions for a Meditation by Loralee Clark
Testing Reality is Like Walking on Water by Jane McClellan
Great Smokies by Edward Mycue
Anxiety and Confusion in a Foreign Place by Carole Chipps Carlson
Armistice Day by Ruth C. Holzer
This Day in August by Norma Hammond
The Reagan Years by Allison M. Heim
Sun, Moon by Cyd Adams

Grasslands Review: Welcomes New Writers

Grasslands Review seeks to publish the finest of fiction and poetry and to encourage new writers. Follow the attached links for Guidelines and information about our Annual Editors' Prize Awards. New books for writers are also suggested (other suggestions welcome). E-mail us at for information. (Sorry, no e-subs yet.) Write and send SASE for information: PO Box 626, Berea, OH 44017.

Poem from our latest issue by James Doyle


I was fresh out of high school and looking
for adventure. They gave me the kiddie rides.

It was tradition. All day I strapped serial
snivelers into buckets with wings and flashed

my greasy shirttails at their mothers. I was
always a romantic. Like water grooving rock,

carousel tunes cut a canyon of cartoon music
that still whistles in my mind forty years later.

The pink dust of cotton candy slid over my eyes
like contact lenses. My lids stuck together when I slept.

Night and day kept turning round all summer
as if they were riding a ferris wheel. I learned

town from town bythe differences in the dirts
that plugged my nose. At every stop, I cultivated

a garden of generators and trimmed the black vines
spreading lie cables. I drank with those

who would never see the suburbs in a hundred lifetimes
and mocked everyone I would later marry or spawn.

In September I left for college. I have never stopped
dragging the neon arcades for my remains.
I hope to post updates and letters (nice or not) from readers and contributors. For those who sent material in last October--Your work has been read and is in various stages of being re-read right now. The contest results are also pending. Promises, promises, but your editor (me) has two full-time jobs so Grasslands takes a back seat right now.

Historical Note (more winners to be listed later)
|Grasslands Review||Editor's Prize Contest, 1998, Winners of the first contest
It has not been easy selecting the winners of the first annual Grasslands Review Editors' Prize contest, but after reading and discussing the entries we are proud to announce the winning submissions:Fiction: Yvonne Jackson of Birmingham, AL, "Taking Medicine" Poetry: Cynthia Roth of Murphysboro, TN, "Dream of Recombinant Chimeral Love" Honorable mention: Bennett Rader, Plymouth, OH, "Butterfingers" and Georgia Tiffany, Spokane, WA, "The Brahms" These prizewinning pieces and other fine fiction and poetry appear in Grasslands Review #18, published Summer 1999.Grasslands Review is now accepting entries for the second Editor's Prize in Fiction and the second Editor's Prize in Poetry. The winner in each category will receive publication in Grasslands Review and $100. Top finalists will receive publication and cash recognition. Submissions must be previously unpublished. Entry fee per entry (one short story or up to five poems): $12, includes one year subscription or gift subscription (extra entries $1 per poem, $3 per short story). Name should appear on the back of manuscript. Send SASE for reply. Postmark deadline: April 30, 1999. Send to: Grasslands Review, Editor's Prize, PO Box 626, Berea, OH 44017. For sample copy send $4.00; most recent issue, $5.00. Subscriptions, $10.00 a year for two issues (libraries, $20). Submissions for publication not intended for the Editor's Prize competition will be accepted if postmarked in October or March only (one short story or 3-5 poems with a SASE).Guidelines|


Grasslands Review is a little magazine. We publish original fiction and poetry and try very hard to put out two issues a year. This blog will contain random thoughts of the editor about the magazine, publishing, and poetry, etc. Whatever.

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